Are You Ready For Winter?

Post date: Nov 6, 2016 5:57:09 PM

Now that Old Man Winter is quickly approaching, it is important that you have your furnace checked and the filters cleaned. Also, you should make sure you change the batteries in your smoke alarms. If you decide to install a new smoke alarm, it is a good idea to write the installation date on the inside of your alarm so you will know when to replace it.

Some suggestions for preventing water damage to your units from frozen pipes, etc.:

  • Keep heating vents partially open to ensure that some heat is being directed to areas (i.e. water lines/piping) that could become at risk of freezing, expanding and cracking.
  • On those days/nights where temperatures are expected to remain below freezing for extended periods, it is helpful to leave a faucet dripping slightly to keep water moving in the water lines.
  • Leave bath vanity and kitchen cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate to the water supply lines.
  • Be sure that your water supply lines to your garage and patio faucets are turned off and drained.
  • If you suspect a water leak or discover water leaking or spraying from a supply line in your individual unit, please turn off the water supply at your individual water main and contact a plumber for advice or
  • assistance.
  • If you discover a water leak, please contact Corey Miller at 440-720-0100 only after you have either turned your individual water supply off or have contacted emergency personnel.