Visitor Parking is ONLY for Visitors!

Post date: Jul 7, 2016 10:03:51 PM

Summer weather in our area often leads to increased traffic and visitors and it is imperative that all owners/residents be cognizant of the parking/vehicle restrictions that are in place within the Association.

Included below is a brief summary of the parking/vehicle guidelines in place for Lakeview Ridge Condominiums:

    • Residents must use their garages and driveways for their primary parking.
    • Street parking is permitted in designated areas only.
    • No parking is permitted on River Ridge; limited parking in designated areas is permitted on Overlook Ridge and Jennings Ridge.
    • Parking in visitor spaces is for visitors only. Illegally parked vehicles will be subject to towing at their expense.
    • Vehicles on the property must be licensed and must be in operable condition.
    • Vehicles on the property must be parked so as not to cause damage to the common areas and are prohibited from parking on the grass and other common areas.
    • Vehicle repair musts be limited to the unit owner’s personal vehicle(s) and limited to inside he/her own garage. Repairs must be completed within 24 hours.
    • The speed limit in the Association is 10 MPH.

Violations regarding parking/vehicle issues must be reported in writing in order that First Realty and the Board can act upon the concern.