Noise Disturbances

Post date: Jul 7, 2016 9:31:48 PM

Noise between neighbors is a common complaint among residents living in community associations. With warm weather approaching and windows open in many units, residents must use common sense and reason as to what sounds may be disturbing to their neighbors.

Please remember that noise carries when you are outside your unit. Talking in normal voices may not appear to be problematic to you, but in reality, the sound of normal voices (two or more people having a conversation), fluctuating conversation levels, laughing, etc. often ends up becoming a disturbance to your neighbors.

Also, please keep radios, TV’s and other sound-amplifying devices at a level that does not disturb your neighbors. If you encounter noise disturbances that are unreasonable, please contact the local Police Department at the non-emergency phone number of (216) 661-7442.

Good Neighbor Policy: Our Bylaws, Rules and Regulations define the standard of living Unit Owners may expect from our condominium environment. These documents were written to define the operation of the Association.

However, policy and procedures can't replace courtesy and the need to communicate with each other. Before filing a complaint about a neighbor, take the time to have a personal discussion.

Neighbors talking with each other can achieve quicker results in a friendlier fashion. Our documents are our foundation. Our community spirit lies within each Unit Owner.