There Is NO Poop Fairy!

Post date: Jul 1, 2015 2:45:52 AM

Lakeview Ridge is a great community to live in. It's quite, peaceful, kid and pet friendly. Being pet friendly has attracted lots of animal lovers to our community. Unfortunately, some of those animal lovers don't understand that Fido brings responsibilities.

When it comes to keeping our community clean and inviting, it requires dog owners to PICK UP THE POOP!.

It is disappointing to realize that a few dog owners do not understand this basic civility. Or worse, they choose to ignore that responsibility. There are more and more poopy traps all around our property. There have even been some in the middle of the street!

Besides the obvious negative impact it has on our residents and visitors, it is a hindrance to the landscapers and other people who service our community.

PICK UP YOUR DOG'S POOP! It's the respectful, courteous thing to do!