Spring Property Inspection

Post date: Jun 14, 2011 4:17:22 PM

The Annual Spring property inspection was completed recently. The inspection has two purposes. First to determine things needing attention by the Association, like landscaping and building maintenance issues.

The second purpose of the inspection was to inspect the community for items that are the Owners responsibility.

These types of items include but are not limited to painting or repairing garage doors, repairing fences and cleaning up owner's outdoor lighting fixtures.

The Board realizes that these letters make take owners by surprise. Its been a long time since these kinds of letters were sent. But that lack of communication was the result of our previous management company failing to followup on previous property inspections. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons the board was forced to contract with a new management company.

Owners who received letters asking them to fix or replace items need to realize that in these times more than ever, the way our community looks, will have a real impact on all of us. The better it looks the more we stay a desirable place to live in and move to.

Thank you for your cooperation.