Dormant Pruning to Start February 16, 2015

Post date: Feb 12, 2015 5:41:58 PM

Inspeyered Tree Service, the company hired to do our dormant pruning will be on the property nest week (Feb. 16 - 20) to do that.

Pruning shade and ornamental trees during dormant season is ideal due to inactive growth and dropping temperatures. Dormant pruning helps trees and shrubs endure damage from severe winter weather, paving the way for healthy growth in the spring.

Trees are healthiest when maintained during dormant season, before new growth begins next spring. Pruning after the onset of new growth can limit the plant’s bloom potential for the year. Dormant pruning pulls double duty by causing less stress on trees, and allowing for robust new growth in plants that bloom in the spring and summer.

Inspeyered Tree Service will also be inspecting trees that need trimming for safety reasons. Though it is unclear whether that will be done next week because of the snow.