Snow Removal Reminders

Post date: Dec 9, 2010 2:42:55 PM

As we approach this winter season, it is a good time to remember that snow and its removal call for a bit of diligence and courtesy. In order of importance to our development, please be aware of and heed these suggestions.

  1. Keeping our streets clear is most important, so please remember that per our Association rules, on street parking is prohibited when snowfall exceeds two inches.
  2. Our snow removal contractor is paid to clear our driveways. However, they cannot do that if cars are parked in the drive ways. So it is best to park your car in your garage.
  3. When you have guests visiting, please be courteous and have them park in your drive way. Guests who park in the streets will impede the snow plows and create problems for all the residents. Also, that will keep cars from being damaged.