Post date: Dec 1, 2016 12:26:33 AM

The Association has contracted with Schill Grounds Management for snow removal services for the

2016/2017 season. Residents must keep in mind the snow removal contractor is contracted to plow the property based on accumulation of two inches or more of new fallen snow.

The first priority of the contractor is to plow the streets to allow for access of emergency vehicles. At their discretion, the contractor may plow driveways concurrent with streets. However, their general practice is to open up streets first and then plow driveways. Therefore, your street may be plowed before your driveway.

Due to the differences in types of equipment being used to plow, not all driveways may be plowed at the same time. Please consider these procedures before contacting the management company in order to avoid additional costs and confusion during snow removal operations. Only at the conclusion of a storm, if your driveway is not plowed, should you contact the management company to note any issues with the snow removal service.