Reminder of Parking Rules

Post date: Nov 11, 2011 7:15:39 PM

There has been an escalating number of cars parked illegally in our neighborhood. The Association Board has determined that residents need to be reminded of the Parking Regulations. In the near future notices of parking violations will be sent to residents. Additional instances of illegal parking will result in those cars being towed at their expense.

Lakeview Ridge Condo Association Parking and Motor Vehicle Rules

    1. Parking on parking pads is for non-residents only. Residents parking on the visitor pads are subject to towing at their own expense.
    2. Residents must use garages and driveways for their primary parking. Street parking is allowed in designated areas only. Vehicles parked illegally may be towed without warning, in addition to all other remedies, at the owner's expense.
    3. No parking is permitted on River Ridge. Limited parking, in designated areas, is permitted on Overlook Ridge & Jennings Ridge.
    4. Parking on the street in any area is prohibited when the snow exceeds two (2) inches.
    5. Commercial vehicles, including but no limited to, semi-trucks, trailers, trucks, boats, or buses are prohibited from parking in the common or limited common areas (including individual drives and parking pads). Unit owners and tenants expecting guests in trucks, motor-homes or moving vans must notify the Management Company prior to arrival for parking instructions,
    6. Vehicles on the condominium property must be licensed and must be in operable condition.
    7. Vehicles must be parked in such a manner so as not to cause damage to common areas. Vehicles are prohibited from parking on the grass or other portions of the common areas. Damage to any common property and/or condominium equipment must be repaired at the cost of the responsible unit owner(s), his/her family, tenants or guests.
    8. Vehicle repair must be limited to the unit owner's own personal vehicle and limited to inside his/her own garage. Repairs must be completed in 24 hours.
    9. The speed limit is 10 mph.