Board Meets to choose Management Company

Post date: Aug 1, 2010 4:50:04 PM

The Association Board of Directors met on July 27th to hear a presentation from Jack Renner of RMG regarding his company's management services.

The board had already heard from Barnett Management. These presentations were solicited by the Board when it was determined that our current management company, Continental Management, was not providing the level of service our Association was expecting and paying for.

One of the main services we pay the management company for is choosing and dealing with snow removal and landscaping services.

It has been apparent for many months that our landscaping was very sub-par, and our communication of our displeasure to the management company to have fallen on deaf ears. So after hearing competing presentations and discussing the pros and cons of each management company, the Board determined that our best choice was Renner Management Group, Inc.

After sending Continental a formal letter indicating we were ending our business relationship. The next 60 days will be a transition period to the Renner Management Group.